Bluemont Arlington, VA Outdoor Fencing

Carter Fence is now beginning its fourth-decade building Bluemont Arlington VA outdoor fencing and other home improvement projects. We believe that the right fence can be a valuable addition to every home and offer a wide variety of options regarding color and material for every type a homeowner may need.

Natural wood is still our most requested material. While some composites can duplicate the look, they cannot copy the feel of real wood. We use it in every fence type, from a simple picket fence around a home to a pet fence that keeps dogs and other small animals safe on their property. For pasture and rail fences, wood is usually the better material as the pine we utilize is cheaper than other materials and is readily available year-round in case of storm damage.

Composite woods are more durable than pressure-treated natural wood, but most do not have the appearance that homeowners desire. That is why for Bluemont Arlington VA outdoor fencing, Carter Fences recommends and installs Trex. This composite wood is eco-friendly and cost-efficient compared to other, similar products. It also simulates the appearance of natural wood and accepts paint better than other composites.

A favorite alternative material is aluminum. It substitutes easily for wrought-iron for decorative and security fences. It is lighter in weight than iron and manufacturers can easily manipulate it into the same shapes as wrought-iron. Aluminum does not rust, so the weather has less effect on it. After we paint it black, the end product is identical to its iron counterpart.

More customers are also choosing vinyl for their Bluemont Arlington VA outdoor fencing. This material is a good choice for garden fences and makes a beautiful, traditional picket fence around the front yard of any home. It is weather-resistant, and after we coat it with a primer and outdoor paint, it is exceptionally stain-resistant as well. A homeowner can use a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle to clean off virtually anything.

The weather in our area is perfect for outdoor entertaining in the Spring and Summer months. Families pack weekends with relatives over and parties ranging from small, intimate affairs to large events that fill a backyard. After installing a new fence, many of our customers in Bluemont Arlington VA add to their outdoor fencing with a matching deck. Depending on the project size, our designers can use either composite or natural woods.

No matter the size of the project, we measure our success by customer satisfaction. It is why we are pleased to have just received an A+ rating from Angie’s List for the eighth year in a row and were once again recommend by Washington’s Top Consumer Magazine. To find out what Carter Fence can do for your home, call one of our designers at 703-255-0824 for a free consultation and estimate.

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