Carter Fence a Leader in Cedar Fence and Gate Design and Installation in Arlington

For over 35 years, Northern VA has been blessed with the expert cedar fence design and installation services of Carter Fence. Located in Vienna, VA, Carter Fence has been offering reliable cedar fence solutions to residential, commercial, and civic sectors alike. With an eye toward beauty, safety, and quality craftsmanship, Fence Experts is proud to be a leader in the industry when it comes to cedar fencing. 

Cedar is a naturally beautiful wood with many desirable traits that make it a great choice for fencing needs. It contains natural oils that resist decay caused by moisture, making cedar last much longer than other woods (up to 20 years or more). Being lightweight yet strong also makes it easier to install than heavier woods like redwood. And its aesthetically pleasing color variations add a unique charm to any yard or garden area. 

Carter Fence understands these wonderful qualities of cedar and knows how to best utilize them for any application. From custom gates – perfect for providing entrance into a secure property – to full-length boundary fences that create boundaries between neighboring properties or offer protection from intruders or animals—the skilled technicians at Carter Fence can design and install a cedar fence that meets all your security needs while maintaining its attractive look. 

Not only does Carter Fence provide high-quality fencing materials for its customers’ projects; but it also provides comprehensive instruction on proper care and maintenance of their newly installed fences as well. This includes detailed information on how often you need to check the fence for structural integrity, what type of cleaning solution is recommended when weathering occurs due to rain or snow along with staining advice if desired by the customer. This ensures that your cedar fence will look great year after year without excessive maintenance costs or worries of premature wear-and-tear due to improper treatment or lack of inspection. 

When you work with the team at Carter Fence, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving top quality service from experienced technicians who understand all aspects of cedar fence construction and installation projects from start to finish. Their attention to detail has earned them accolades from both commercial and residential clients alike who appreciate their commitment to excellence when working with every job they take on regardless of size or scope. 

If you are looking for high-quality cedar fence design and installation services in Arlington VA or Northern Virginia, then look no further than Carter Fence—the leader in providing secure fencing solutions without compromising aesthetic appeal during the process! Contact us today for more information about how we can customize our services specifically for your project no matter how big or small!

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