Chain Link Fence Repair for Rail Replacement in Northern, VA

A chain-link fence is durable and robust enough to stand up against strong force winds in Northern, VA, and is often referred to as a “hurricane fence.” But even at that, it can still undergo minor damage from harsh weather, falling debris, accidents, and vandalism. When this happens, do-it-yourselfer homeowners in Northern, VA may be able to handle their own chain link fence repair on their property.

Some of the chain-link fence repairs for minor damages may include the following—

Top and Bottom Chain-Link Fence Rail Replacement

  • To get a replacement rail, measure the diameter of the old rail. Purchase the rail from your local home improvement store in Northern, VA. The rail should have one wide end and one tapered end.
  • Wire ties connect the top of the chain to the rail. Chain link fence repair will require the removal of these wire ties on all the rails you need to replace. Using gloves and pliers, bend the ends of the wire ties and pull through the chain links. This will free the rail.
  • With the help of another person, hold the old rail up to the new replacement rail. Slide the tapered end over the old rail while making sure the back end of the tapered section lines up with the damaged rail you need to cut. Mark this on the old rail and the other end of the rail.
  • Chain link fence repairs in Northern, VA should be done wearing protective safety glasses to cut the rail. Using a hacksaw, find the line you marked on the old rail and saw into and then do the same for the other end. This will free the old rail.
  • To give yourself more room, unbolt the top rail from the corner post.
  • Take the new replacement rail and slide the larger end onto the tapered end of the old rail. Then slide the taped end of the new rail into the rail you unbolted. Slide rails back into place and replace the carriage bolts.
  • Reconnect the wire ties using pliers by looping the ties around the rail and through the chain links, which will secure the mesh to the rail.
  • If the bottom rail of your fence at your home in Northern, VA needs chain link fence repair, follow the same procedures you followed for the top rail.

If you are not a Northern, VA homeowner do-it-yourselfer, call the team at Carter Fence, and they can do chain link fence repairs as well as install a new chain link fence, or any other type of fencing and repairs.

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