Chain Link Fence Vienna, VA

In Vienna, VA, the chain link fence is an affordable choice when a property owner has a large amount of space to enclose. These fences are durable, low maintenance, secure, and one of the least expensive options available.                 

Vinyl or Galvanized 

A chain link fence in Vienna, VA, is made from galvanized wire that is woven into an interlocking diamond pattern. The wire mesh forms a zigzag. The wires are connected to steel posts, placed in the ground.

The plain galvanized wire is a steel gray color. These fences are available in several wire widths. The thicker the wire is, the stronger the fence.

The mesh can be coated in colored vinyl to add visual interest, and it also helps to protect the wire from rust. Standard colors are black and green.

Uses for Chain Link Fences

A chain link fence works when there is lots of terrain to secure. It isn’t as attractive as more ornate fences, so many homeowners fence their back yards with it. It is a smart choice for dog kennels and creating secure areas within a larger property.

Businesses use them for parking lots, storage areas, factories, construction sites, construction sites and empty lots. Government and groups use them for jails, military bases, roadwork, playgrounds, and sports fields.

The Advantages of the Chain Link Fence

Chain link offers a variety of advantages to home and business owners.

  • One of the biggest benefits of the chain link fence in Vienna VA, is the price. It is a cost-effective choice when lots of land needs to be fenced in.
  • It is secure and very strong. Also called hurricane or cyclone fencing, it stands up to all types of weather conditions. The open weave means wind can flow through the fence without ripping it up.
  • Chain link comes in a variety of styles. It can 3 feet to 12 feet, or even higher. The fence can be topped with wire for added security, or have rails added to the bottom.
  • Straightforward to install. Experienced fence installers can construct the fence quickly. With the right skill and training, they can plan the construction, install the posts in a concrete footing, add posts and then stretch and lock in the chain link.
  • Chain link requires little maintenance. They last for 15 to 20 years or more. Made of steel, the fence is impervious to termites and other pests.

Work with Experts

The experts at Carter Fence have been installing the chain link fence for residential and commercial customers since 1986. That gives them over three decades of experience to draw on.

The team at Carter Fence has earned a reputation for caring customer service, superior materials, quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. People in the community know that a fence constructed by Carter will last and last.

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