Choosing the Right Pool Fence for Your Home

So you’ve installed a new swimming pool and you can’t wait to use it. But Virginia has rules and regulations when it comes to the pool fencing that surrounds it and you have no idea what to choose! The good news is there are many options when it comes to types of fencing you can choose to surround your pool. The experts at Carter Fence have been installing fencing for decades and offer their input about the different options you have.

Types of Pool Fencing

Wood Fence – Wood fences tend to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing pool fence options because of its natural aesthetic. Not to mention that the size and style of a wood fence are completely customizable and you can paint it whatever color you want. Privacy wood fences are a great option if you are looking for solitude and security. The drawback of using a wood fence is that it requires more maintenance than other pool fences and can potentially warp over time.

Vinyl Fence – Vinyl fences are great for keeping your pool area private. They are also very low maintenance and are available in a number of solid and picketed styles. Not to mention their durability. The disadvantages of vinyl pool fencing are limited to aesthetics and if not taken care of properly they can have issues with mildew in areas that are often wet and shady.

Aluminum Fence – The durable and elegant aesthetic of an ornamental aluminum fence have made it the most popular pool fence in the country. Darker colored options are pretty inconspicuous in your landscape, and their durability and low maintenance make them great options for securing the pool area. The only real drawback of using an aluminum fence is that it does not provide the same amount of privacy and security that a wood fence offers.

Fence Installation in Northern Virginia

Let Carter Fence help you save big on your next pool fence installation project or service! In addition to offering free estimates and on-site project consultations, we have great savings opportunities, too. For more information and advice about choosing the right pool fencing for your home, contact us today.


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