Common Fence Problems Requiring Wood Fence Repair in Northern, VA

Lack of maintenance, harsh weather conditions, and pests can eventually cause common fence problems that will need wood fence repair. A damaged fence can reduce your privacy and security at your Northern, VA home. Some of the more common wood fence repairs that you may experience include—

  • Leaning or sagging fence—This in itself can be an eyesore to your Northern, VA neighborhood, plus it compromises the security and privacy of your property. This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It could be caused by heavy winds, rot, loose fence posts, soil conditions, or an accidental impact to your fence. Depending on the damage, a tension rod or brace may be sufficient to support the fence. It is best to reach out to a fencing company such as Carter Fence so one of their team members can assess the situation and advice you on the wood fence repair that is involved in fixing your issue.
  • Damaged or missing boards—Replacing wood pickets or boards may be time-consuming, depending on the amount of broken or missing boards. If large sections are missing, you might be looking at installing a new fence at your home in Northern, VA. If you just replace the boards, you will need to stain or paint them to blend in with the rest of the fence.
  • Rot or insect damageWood fences are prone to termite and rot damage. Wood fence repair is something you want to do right away. If you have a termite-infested fence, these pests may eventually work their way into your home. Rot damage needs to be torn out and replaced with new boards. Special chemicals can be used on your fence to avoid these issues from happening to your fence in Northern, VA.
  • Fence mildew and mold—Wood fences are susceptible to mold and mildew from excessive moisture. A regular maintenance program of pressure washing and restaining your fence every couple of years will protect the wood from mold and mildew.

Wood fence repair should be done as soon as you notice the damage to your fence in Northern, VA. Allowing an issue to go on for long periods of time will just make the problem that much worse, and then you may need to tear down and install a new fence.

If you have any questions about wood fence repair at your home in Northern, VA, call the team at Carter Fence.

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