Common Fence Problems That Call For Wood Fence Repair in Leesburg, VA

Your fence is an important structure on your property in Leesburg, VA that distinguishes your property boundaries or possibly keeps your children and small pets safe inside a contained area. Since all wood fences are exposed to the elements, despite your best efforts, chances are eventually you will encounter common problems that will call for wood fence repair at your home in Leesburg, VA.

Some of these common problems that homeowners may experience in Leesburg, VA that will require wood fence repair include—

  • Fallen Panels and Leaning Fences and Posts—High winds can cause fences to lean, but sometimes it could be more than just the wind. Erosion can be a problem too. You may need to call in a landscape professional to address any soil & drainage issues that could be causing the damage to your fence. Putting stone or gravel around the problem areas around your fence in Leesburg, VA may be a short-term solution. If the erosion has damaged posts causing them to rot, a wood fence repair may require replacing the damaged posts. Fallen tree branches can play havoc on your fencing boards or panels knocking them out or busting them up requiring a wood fence repair to replace the fencing panels or boards.
  • Mildew—Once you start noticing mildew on your wood fence in Leesburg, VA, plan on using a pressure washer to remove the mildew and then you should apply a stain to preserve the wood and increase its lifespan.
  • Insect & Rot Damage—One of the disadvantages of a wooden fence is required wood fence repair for insect and rot damage. Sealing and staining your fence every couple of years should prevent most insect and rot damage at your home in Leesburg, VA. If any boards have rot or insect damage, they should be replaced.

Call the team at Carter Fence and they can come out to your home in Leesburg, VA and access the damages to your fence that are in need of a wood fence repair.


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