Common Problems Requiring Wood Fence Repair in Great Falls, VA

A wooden fence on your property in Great Falls, VA, if installed with pressure treated lumber, should last 30 years or more if properly maintained and wood fence repair done as needed. Wood fence repairs are necessary to maintain the structure of your fence and to keep it appealing to your family, surrounding neighbors, and passerbyers.

Severe weather storms in Great Falls, VA such as thunderstorms, snowstorms, heavy winds or damage from vandalism or a vehicle accidentally running into your fence are the most common reasons for fence repair. Frequent problems that most homeowners in Great Falls, VA experience with their wood fences include—

  1. Termite damage will require a wood fence repair or replacement depending on how bad the damage. Protect your fence against excessive moisture to prevent reoccurrence once the wood fence repair is complete at your Great Falls, VA home. Sprinkler systems should never be directed at your fence. Clearing fallen leaves and other debris from around your fence will help keep moisture away from your fence.
  2. Rotten boards and posts need to either be cut out and patched or replaced.
  3. Popped or rusty nails should simply be replaced.
  4. A wobbly or sagging fence could result from poor quality wood, excessive dampness, weather conditions and more. Wood fence repair would require either supporting it with a brace or a tension rod.
  5. A sagging wood fence post could be the post itself or the hole. The post might be rotten in which case your wood fence repair should consist of replacing the post with a new one. If the hole is too big causing your fence post to sag, fill the hole with crushed stone or concrete. When pouring the concrete, form a mound with the sides slanting downward to direct the rainfall away from the post to prevent rotting at the base.

Wood fence repairs in Great Falls, VA can be quite costly if you don’t properly maintain your fence year round. Once you notice a problem, fix it as soon as possible, so the damage doesn’t get worse. Every few years a wood fence will require staining or painting depending on your preference to keep your fence protected against the elements in Great Falls, VA.

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