Composite Deck Repair for Damaged Decks in Leesburg, VA

A composite deck at your home in Leesburg, VA is no different from any other decking material when it comes to composite deck repair. You should inspect your deck at your Leesburg, VA home regularly for any wear and tear and do necessary composite deck repairs so your deck will continue to be sturdy and safe for your family and guests.

If you have a damaged decking board, you just need to use a pry bar to remove any nails or a screw gun to remove any screws that hold the decking boards in place. Inspect each of the decking boards carefully and those that are damaged, remove and toss them away. Exchange the ones you threw away with new composite decking boards that are from the same manufacturer the originals came from. Dispose of the old ones according to the disposal standards in your Leesburg, VA community.

Your composite deck repair at your home in Leesburg, VA may consist of having to replace a few of the cross beams that hold the decking boards in place. These joists should be inspected periodically and replaced if you locate any damaged ones. If you have one that is loose, it may just need to be repositioned in the joist hanger. These composite deck repairs can be done by a homeowner who is experienced and knows what he is doing, if not Leesburg, VA homeowners should call a company such as Carter Fence to come and do all your composite deck repairs so that you are ensured you have a safe deck for your family to enjoy.

Probably the most common composite deck repair most Leesburg, VA homeowners experience are replacing or fixing damaged decking boards. Some scratches, splits or chips can be easily fixed with a composite deck repair kit that can be purchased your local Leesburg, VA home supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.

You might even be able to use the same decking board. Check underneath the board to see if it is cracked or scratched. If not just unscrew the decking board, flip it over, and screw it back into place upside down.

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