Composite Deck Repairs In Arlington, VA

Do you have a composite deck attached to your home?  Is it in such poor condition that you and your family are reluctant to even set foot on it?  If so, it sounds like you could certainly benefit from our expertise with composite deck repairs in Arlington, VA.

We’ve been in the business and proudly serving the region for years, and since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve built our reputation by providing next-level service and unmatched quality at a price our customers can afford, and we’d love to add you to our growing family.

In the vast majority of cases, we can effect composite deck repairs on your Arlington, VA property and restore your deck to its former glory for a fraction of what it would cost you to have the old deck torn out and have something new built in its place.

Then, once we’ve got your deck whipped back into shape and ready for outdoor entertaining anytime you are, we recommend having it inspected on an annual basis.  Doing so gives us the opportunity to spot problems while they’re still in their developmental stages and, generally speaking, easier to repair.

One of the great advantages that composite decks have over their counterparts that are built with pressure-treated lumber is the fact that there’s not a lot to do beyond an annual inspection and an occasional bath with warm water and a soft cloth.

Contrast that with the care and attention wooden decks need, which includes the annual inspection and repairs, plus an annual power washing, followed by staining and sealing to better protect it from the elements.

Of course, if you don’t yet have a deck, but you’ve always wanted one, we can apply our skill at composite deck repairs in Arlington, VA to designing and building a totally custom deck for you.

Understand though, that a custom deck project is much more involved than a simple repair job.  Our first step in that process will be to sit down with you so we can carefully map out your vision.  The more clearly we can see your vision, the happier you’ll be with what we ultimately build for you.

If you know you want something custom but you’re having trouble seeing it in your mind’s eye, be sure to spend some time browsing through the photos we keep elsewhere on our website.  This gives you two powerful advantages: First, you’ll be able to see the quality of the work our craftsmen are capable of, which will allow you to call and work with us with confidence!

Second, and every bit as important, it’s sure to give you lots of great ideas for your custom deck project.  Call us today and let’s build something amazing together.  

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