Composite Deck Repairs In Mclean, VA

Let’s talk about your composite deck.  How long has it been since it’s had any maintenance?  If you’re scratching your head and struggling to remember the date, then it’s probably been too long.  A good rule of thumb is to give us a call and have your deck inspected once a year. That give us the opportunity to spot problems before they get out of control and become expensive to repair.

Of course, that doesn’t help you if it’s been years since your deck has seen any maintenance.  The first priority then, it so get it whipped back into shape. The good news on that front is that nobody knows more about composite deck repairs in Mclean, VA than we do.  

We’re a family owned business that’s been serving the region with distinction for decades.  Since we first opened our doors, we’ve grown to become among the most respected fencing, decking and porch company in the area, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find craftsmen more skilled than ours.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, we’ll be able to complete the composite deck repairs on your Mclean, VA property and restore your deck to its former glory for a fraction of what it would cost you to have the existing deck torn out and something new built in its place.

If you don’t have a deck, but it’s something you’ve always wanted, we’ve got you covered on that front too.  In fact, we love sitting down with our clients and putting our heads together to design and build the deck you’ve always dreamed of having.

Understand though, that designing a custom deck is a big, involved project and there’s a lot of information we’ll need to capture from you so we can ensure that what we ultimately build is exactly what you had in mind.  To that end, we’ll be asking questions like:

  • How big do you want the deck to be?
  • What material or materials should it be made out of?
  • Do you see it as existing all on one level, or, because of the lay of your land, will it exist on several levels that step gradually down into your yard?
  • Will you need steps?  If so, what should they look like and what will they be made out of?
  • Will you need safety rails?  If so, what should those look like and what should they be made out of?

You get the idea.  If you’re not sure about the particulars, we invite you to spend some time browsing the project photos we keep elsewhere on the site.  Doing so will help clarify your mental image of your dream deck and give you a chance to see the quality of our work for yourself.

Whatever your needs are, from periodic composite deck repairs in Mclean, VA to having something totally custom designed and built, help is just a phone call away.

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