Does Insurance Cover Chain Link Fence Repair in Arlington, VA?

Typically, the most common reason a business in Arlington, VA would need chain link fence repair is for vehicles running into the fence entering or leaving the property. For the most part, the business can get the person’s information who did the damage so that their insurance company will pay for the chain link fence repair and then you would not be responsible for any of the costs.

You would need to call their insurance company to report the damage, and one of their insurance agents would come to record the damage to the fence. A fence company in Arlington, VA would probably be called to price the chain link fence repairs and give quotes to their insurance company. In most cases, their insurance company will handle the cost, and the fence company will handle the chain link fence repair.

Unfortunately, not all people that damage property report it to the business because after all it is a business and they can afford it. However, this is not always true.

As the Arlington, VA business owner, when there aren’t any witnesses to the accident and the person who caused the damage wasn’t caught, you would then need to call your insurance company and report the damage.

Another common fence damage in Arlington, VA to homes and businesses comes from fallen trees, severe winds, and storms. Again, you will need to call your insurance adjuster and discuss the damage. Sometimes turning it into your insurance company might not be worth it if the damage is less than the deductible.

Anytime you have damage from vandalism where someone cuts your fence to gain access to steal company materials or from company vehicles at your business in Arlington, VA, you would need to assess the cost of goods stolen. More than likely, the chain link fence repair wouldn’t be enough to turn into your insurance company.

Calling your insurance company depends mostly on the deductible you have on your policy. If your chain link fence repair for your property in Arlington, VA is minimal, you might just want to take care of the cost yourself. On the other hand, if the cost is quite substantial, by all means, call your insurance company.


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