Fall Fence Maintenance Tips

Fall is finally here! Crisp weather, pumpkin picking, and bonfires are among us. With the changing of the seasons comes the need for fall fence maintenance. There are all different kinds of fencing, so each has a different need when it comes to maintaining it. The folks here at Carter Fence offer these great fall maintenance tips for the most popular type of fencing in the Northern Virginia area.

Fall Fence Maintenance in Northern Virginia

Wood fencing – Natural wood typically requires the most maintenance because it runs a higher risk of being damaged. During fall and winter months it is important to keep debris, especially leaves, off of your wood fence. Wet leaves and debris can cause your fence to warp and rot through the winter. Waterproofing your wood fence can also help keep it in excellent condition for when spring comes around.

Vinyl fencing – Vinyl fencing requires the least amount of maintenance of all the fencing materials. Vinyl is very durable and never needs to be sanded or repainted. The best thing you can do to maintain your vinyl fence this fall is to rinse it with soap and water when you notice that it’s covered with dirt and debris. Routine maintenance will not only help keep your vinyl fence looking great, but it will also help make it last longer.

Aluminum fencingAluminum fencing also requires little to no maintenance. However, we suggest not hanging heavy fall decorations on them and, as always, keep your fence free of leaves and debris.

Chain link fencing – During the fall and winter, leaves and other yard debris can become lodged in your chain link fence, which can cause rust. If this happens, the pros at Carter Fence can easily repair parts of your chain link fence. It is helpful to use a leaf blower to keep leaves out of the links in your fencing.

The most important thing to remember is that if you leave wet leaves on your fence, over time they will begin to rot, and this can discolor and ruin your fence. Take the time to maintain your fence in the fall and winter to keep it looking great year round.

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