Fence Builder in Spotsylvania County VA: Selecting the Right Aluminum Fence for Your Dog

There are so many styles and types of aluminum fences to select from, and Carter Fence – your fence builder in Spotsylvania County VA – wants you to choose the right fence for your dog.

As a reminder, if your HOA has specific requirements for aluminum and other fences – we need to select the right type and style of fence for your dog from that list.

Now, let’s look at the size of your dog: is it tiny, small, medium, large, or extra large? What is the overall height, girth, and body weight? This is important to know, because you want to be sure your dog won’t jump over or squeeze through your fence.

For instance, most basic aluminum fence styles have a 3.75” spacing between each vertical picket which probaby is narrow enough to contain most medium-sized dogs. If you have a tiny or small dog, you would want to select a fencing solution that has only 1.5” between pickets. Aluminum fence height range from 36-72”.

When considering fence height, remember to include the grade of your yard; you don’t want the fence to dip low enough in height to allow your dog to jump over the fence. Similarly, you want to make sure that your fence is very close to the ground, so that your dog can’t squeeze under it. To prevent digging to get under the fence, homeowners sometimes choose to add a rock mulch at the base of the fence. Landscaping that the dog isn’t fond of will also block them from digging under the fence.

After all of this research, if you are still worried that your dog may get out, you could consider a redundant fence system. Redundant fences mean that there is an interior fence built within the boundaries of an outer fence.

For more information from your fence builder in Spotsylvania County, VA, please contact the experts at Carter Fence. Since 1986, Carter Fence has been installing and servicing many types and styles of fences in Spotsylvania County, VA and the entire Northern Virginia area. Our expert team uses quality materials and advanced installation and design techniques to ensure you get the best fence for your and your dog’s needs.

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