Fence Designs to Choose From in Herndon, VA

Choosing the right fence design for your property in Herndon, VA can be a daunting task with the numerous different materials, fence designs, and heights to pick from. Many different fence designs now come in diverse fencing materials making decisions that much harder. Most materials and fence designs for fencing projects in Herndon, VA are determined with a budget in mind.

Wood is still one of the all-time American favorites because you can select from different types of wood such as—

  • Pine and fir are popular choices because they are both affordable and durable. This pressure treated lumber is treated with an insecticidal preservative to deter termites and other insects and are often treated with water-repellant stain to increase the life of the wood and prevent rotting.
  • Cedar is more expensive but contains natural oils that deter insects and is rot-resistant making it an excellent choice for your fence design in Herndon, VA. This type of wood can also be treated to prevent it from turning gray in color. Cedar fencing will give Herndon, VA homeowners a longer lifespan than other types of wood.
  • Redwood is the most expensive and the most durable wood plus it is more resistant to insects and rot. It too can be treated with a clear stain to prevent the wood from turning gray in color as it ages. Because of the high cost of redwood fencing, it is not economical for large fenced in areas.

Wood fencing comes in many different fence designs including—

  • Lattice top
  • Rail
  • Privacy
  • Picket
  • Board on board
  • Box frame
  • Corral
  • Scallop

Another good fencing material is vinyl fencing which comes in many of the same fence designs as wood. Vinyl is a great choice for homeowners in Herndon, VA who are looking for a fence design that is low maintenance. With a fence design using vinyl, periodically washing it off with a hose is pretty much all that is required to keep it looking new and fresh. It may cost a little bit more upfront than some wood fencing materials, but in the long run, it will save you money on maintenance. A vinyl fence design can also mimic the look of wood and comes in many different colors to blend in with your home and landscaping in Herndon, VA.

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