Fence Gate Repairs for Sagging Gates at Leesburg, VA Homes

Typically, fence gate repairs are more common than other fence repairs for homes in Leesburg, VA, because gates receive the most wear and tear. Gravity continuously pulls gates downward, which causes stress to the hinges, loosens fasteners, and forces gate posts to lean over.

Metal gates are either welded or bolted together and do a pretty good job at defeating the force of gravity; however, once the gate post starts to lean, this causes the gate to shift downward and then you are in for fence gate repairs at your Leesburg, VA home  because your gate quits opening and closing properly.

Screws and bolts that hold hinges on wooden gates at homes in Leesburg, VA can loosen, and the fence can then fall out of square due to the weight of the fence. Instead of removing the hinges and drive through new wood, it is easier to drill through the old holes and then mount the hinges with carrier bolts that run through the gate posts and gate. Galvanized or stainless steel carriage bolts should be used to prevent corrosion. These can be found at your local hardware store in Leesburg, VA. You will need to choose a bolt diameter that will fit through the predrilled holes that are in the hinges.

The gate posts can also lean because they are more susceptible to rot where they meet the ground, which will then make the gate sag or swing in a jerky motion causing the need for fence gate repairs at your home in Leesburg, VA.  Loose hinges can be a relatively quick fence gate repair; whereas, a post requires digging up the post and concrete and then reinstalling a new post in concrete. You can brace or shim a leaning post temporarily, but it won’t last long; you are better off with a fence gate repair that will fix the problem correctly.

For all your fencing needs, call the team at Carter Fence. They can come to your home in Leesburg, VA and give you an estimate of any fence gate repairs that are needed and check the rest of your fence to see if any other repairs are needed.




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