Fence Post Installation in Mclean, VA

Do you think your garden needs a revamp? What about installing a new fence for your garden? If you are a do-it-yourself person, this might seem exciting to you. However, keep in mind that as far as fence installations are concerned, one of the difficult tasks associated with them is installing fence posts. It is a job that requires skill and high accuracy because if anything goes wrong, your fence will be unstable and may even fall.  This will make your entire labor to go in vain. Here are some tips that will help you to do a fence post installation correctly. 

How to do fence post installation in Mclean, VA?

Your job starts with digging holes on the ground to fix the posts. However, before you begin any digging work, make sure that the area is entirely free of pipes and underground cables. In case you are not sure where these are laid or do not have the necessary maps of these networks, it is better to call your utility provider to make sure that your digging won’t do any damage to those pipes and cables underground.

Once you are sure that it’s safe to dig on that particular area, mark the fence line with a string. Before finding out the exact point to dig, you should make sure both the post holes are appropriately distanced from each other to contain the fence panels. To confirm this, you can use a batten with the same width of your fence panels and place it between the likely location of the two post holes.

An important thing to observe while digging post holes is to make sure that 2/3 of the post stays above the ground. Also, leave around six inches’ space at the bottom of the hole for filling the gravel. You need to pour gravel into the hole before placing the posts in them. After that, add concrete for reinforcing the posts. 

You can leave some amount of concrete above the ground level and trowel it to make a smooth slope at the foot of the post so that water does not accumulate there and drains off the post smoothly. As the last step, check whether both the posts are leveled using a spirit level. If not, support them using timber boards. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

Even though you can do your fence post installation on your own if you have a helping hand and the necessary equipment, remember that doing so has some significant disadvantages. For example, while digging the hole, what if you misjudge the depth of the hole? Why take unnecessary risks when professional help is just a call away? Instead, call Carter Fence if you are looking for a fence post installation in Mclean, VA.

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