Fence Post Installation in Reston, VA

Have you ever tried to install a fence on your own? In that case, you might be knowing the most challenging part of the job is to install fence posts. This is something you need to do very carefully because if anything goes wrong with the fence post installation, your fence will be highly unstable and may even fall. So, the best option is to call professional fence service people such as Carter Fence for the job so that you can avoid unnecessary risks.

How to do fence post installation in Reston, VA?

To install fence posts, first, you have to dig the holes to fix them. Before starting your digging, make sure that the area you are supposed to dig does not have any pipes or underground cables running through it. Once this has been confirmed, map a fence line with a string and ensure that the posts holes are spaced appropriately from each other to contain your fence panels between them. How will you make sure of this? For this, use a batten with the same width as your fence panels and measure the distance between the holes.

Once you know the exact spot where the holes are to be dug, dig them deep enough so that 2/3 of the post will remain above the ground after installation. Make sure to leave about six inches’ space in the bottom side of the post hole to fill gravel.

Now, add gravel to the post holes for strengthening the holes before placing the posts in it. You can fill the gaps with concrete once the gravel is added. This will help to fix the posts permanently. While adding concrete, let some of it be left above the ground level. This excess concrete can be used to construct a small slope at the foot of the post to avoid water pooling around the posts. Now, as the next step, you need to make sure the posts installed are correctly leveled. For this, you can use a spirit level. If the posts are not appropriately leveled, use timber boards to support them so that they remain in their right position. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

We are a family-owned local fence contractor dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality service at affordable rates. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who would rather do your fence installation on your own, we would like to remind you that certain risks are associated with this job. Without proper skill and prior experience in this job, you may go wrong at several places. For example, you may miscalculate the depth of the post holes you need to dig. This can often lead to the collapse of your fence. If you are looking for a fence post installation in Reston, VA, remember, we are just a call away.

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