The Types of Estate Fence Gates in Falls Church, VA that You Can Choose From

The Types of Estate Fence Gates in Falls Church, VA that You Can Choose From

Probably you may not know that the fence type you could be having on your property will highly determine the type of estate fence gates you may need in your Falls Church, VA property. Your gate should always blend in flawlessly with the rest of your fence. Thus, the first decision you have to make concerns the gate material. Remember that your fence gate has to deal with the weather’s vagaries and may also have the normal wear and tear that you can expect. Therefore, it is essential to understand the various gate types to make the best choice.

What Estate Fence Gate Materials Can you Find in Falls Church, VA?

  • Aluminum fence gates

Aluminum fence gates are attractive and have the advantage of easy maintenance. However, you must ensure that you paint it not to expose the metal to various outside elements. If not, you may have to deal with corrosion, which could eat away at the metal. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to replace the gate after some time.  

  • Vinyl fence gates

Vinyl fence gates are a popular choice because of how they are resistant to various kinds of issues such as weather elements. This material does not collect water, and it does not scratch easily. The gates can be designed with various shapes to form wood-like designs. Since water slides off the vinyl, the gate can rarely weaken during heavy rainfall. 

However, the gate could quickly fade due to sun rays. Hence, you need to add sealants over your vinyl estate fence gates in Falls Church, VA. Also, note that you should not allow your kids or pets around the vinyl fence gate. The chemicals naturally released by the vinyl body can be harmful whenever someone stays too close to them for a long time.

  • Wooden fence gates

Wooden fence gates are very popular, and you can customize the gate into any design you might want. Depending on the type of wood you choose, some are very durable. However, wooden gates have the disadvantage of being prone to rotting, warping, and splintering. They are unfortunately very popular with termites and other pests. You also have to watch out for mildew, algae, and moss.  

  • Chain link fence gates

Chain link fence gates consist of strong metal, similarly to iron. They are made of individual metal bars woven together to form a sturdy open pattern. These types of gates are mostly used in commercial properties. However, some people like using them in their homes’ fencing.

Due to the strong metal body, the chain-link gate does not wear out quickly. You can also obtain various decorative features above your fence gate. Furthermore, you can apply some short points on top of the gate, making it difficult for people to get over the fence gate.

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Before installing your estate fence gate, you should seek a proper consultation to understand what you may be getting yourself into in the type of gate you choose. You undoubtedly want functionality without having to dig into your pockets every time for repairs. 

At Carter Fence, we prioritize your needs. Our team is at hand and at your convenience to give you every necessary advice. Visit our website and give us your details in the form available. This way, you start the process of benefiting from expert advice concerning fence gate types. 

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