Fence Post Repair in Falls Church, VA for Wobbly Fences

When a wooden fence post becomes wobbly, it will require a fence post repair as soon as possible; if not, it can cause other parts of your fence to loosen up at your home in Falls Church, VA. If your posts have been in the ground for less than five years at your Falls Church, VA home, your fence may be wobbly because of a bad installation in the beginning. Older fences are usually wobbly because of decay. Fence post repairs at your Falls Church, VA home should be done by a professional fence company such as Carter Fence to make sure the repairs are done correctly and will last well into the future.

A fence post repair for a wooden fence at your Falls Church, VA home should use new wood posts that are decay-resistant such as locust, cedar or redwood or a commercially pressure-treated with preservatives. The post top should be shaved off at an angle to shed water. The fence will need to be separated from the post that needs to be replaced. The decayed post will then need to be dug up and removed along with the concrete footing. The new post for your fence post repair should be placed into the existing hole and filled with new concrete. The concrete should extend a few inches above the grass and the edges tapered to drain the water away from the new wooden post. The new post should be braced to keep it plumb and level until the concrete cures. Once the footing has set up, the fence should be reattached to the new post with new nails.

When you have a wobbly fence post where there is no concrete, a fence post repair may be done by driving a sister post next to the wobbly post into the ground several feet and bolt the two posts together to provide support.

Your fence posts are the most critical part of your fence because these posts hold up the rest of your fence. If you are not an avid do-it-yourselfer, fence post repairs on your property in Falls Church, VA should be done by a qualified, licensed fence company. Call Carter Fence today for all your fencing needs in Falls Church, VA.

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