All You Need to Know About Fence Post Repair in Vienna, VA

How long has it been since you have paid attention to the maintenance work of your fence post? Do you remember? If not, chances are that several months might have passed without you realizing the need to carry out your fence post maintenance. In such cases, your wooden fence posts might have got rotted or damaged, causing your fence gate to sag. 

If your fence gate sags, you might find it difficult to open and close them effortlessly. This can be frustrating at times. The only way you can avoid such issues in a fence gate is by making sure you are performing its maintenance periodically.

Some people may think of repairing their fence as a do-it-yourself job. However, the fact is that it is a time-consuming job that requires the proper skill and lot of patience. As a leading fence contractor in the area, Carter Fence is well aware of the challenges a fence post repair job offers. So, we would recommend you leave it to professionals even if you have your family members or friends to help with the job.  

If you think about it, there are certain advantages for hiring a professional to do your fence post repair in Vienna, VA. For example, when a professional fencing contractor is involved in your fence post repair, you can rest assured that it will be completed in a professional and timely manner. This means you need not worry about the consequences of things going wrong.

However, keep in mind that, before committing ourselves to the fence repair job, we need to assess the extent of damage that had happened to the post so that we can determine if the post is in a repairable condition. For this, you will have to give us a call. 

Once we receive the necessary details, we will send experts from our team to your home for an initial inspection. Once the level of damage is assessed, our experts will also provide you with a free, no obligatory estimate for your fence post repair. If the damage done is more than thirty percent, it would not be easy to repair it. In such cases, we may recommend replacing the fence posts.

We also understand that some clients do not want to repair their fence posts once they are damaged. Once damaged, they would rather prefer to replace the posts instead of repairing them. Remember that we can also help you with your fence post replacements. 

Whatever is your need, be it your fence post repairing or replacement, we are here to help you. All you have to do is give us a call if you are looking for a fence post repair in Vienna, VA.

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