Carter Fence Fencing Repairs Vienna, VA

Many homeowners try to perform fencing repairs in Vienna, VA. For small projects, this is usually good for enjoy being outside and perhaps even save a little money.  The problems start when they try taking on a task beyond their DIY abilities. Any major repairs to a fence or other part of the home should always be accomplished by a trained professional.

At Carter Fence, we have over 30 years of installing and repairing every style of fence. We have our design team to help our customers choose not just the right style, but the correct material as well to help them improve the appearance and value of their home while also planning for eventual, needed repairs.

Wood Fencing – Many homeowners still want natural wood for their decks and fences in areas where they entertain outside. Despite the benefits of artificial materials, wood provides a comforting touch that simply is not present with materials like PVC or aluminum. Wood is more vulnerable to the sun and rain, but if caught quickly, we can repair the early effects of splitting and cracking. Our technicians dry it and use a sealing compound to protect from further water intrusion and apply a UV resistant stain for protection from the sun.

Chain Link Fencing – This remains one of the most popular choices for backyard and security fences. It is very cost-effective compared to other materials, and the galvanized steel is almost completely resistant to adverse weather effects. Its design allows it to bend, absorbing the effects of a physical impact rather than split or crack. The most common damage usually happens near the bottom of the fence caused by lawnmowers and string trimmers. Vandalism is also a source of damage.

Our repair teams are trained not just to bend the steel threads back into place, but also to regain the original shape and appearance. For this type of fencing repair in Vienna, VA, we loosen the tension on nearby sections, unweave or cut the damaged pieces out, and weave in new ones. Then, we slowly raise the tension back again, adjusting the new steel threads to fit.

PVC Fencing – This type of vinyl material is growing more popular for fences, awnings, and decks. It resists sun, weather, and even mold damage better than wood or other available materials. That makes PVC especially valuable for pool fences. It also handles impacts well, making it a good choice for ranch fences. Because it is so resistant to damage, it does not often need repair. When it does, the damage is usually from something like one of last year’s storms tearing it out of the ground. When that happens, our repair work is primarily removing and placing the damaged pieces.

Aluminum Fencing – This material effectively resists the color fading effects of the sun and most weather conditions. It is increasingly popular for garden and picket fences. Most of the damage we repair are scraped paint marks and scratches from mowers and lawn edging tools. We can usually repair these minor damages in a day or two. If a storm has pulled slats and rails off of line or corner posts, we may have to replace the damaged brackets and drill new holes to reattach them.

If your home in Vienna, VA needs fencing repairs, contact Carter Fence today. We offer a free on-site inspection and free estimate. Call 703-255-0824 today to schedule a visit. Ask about our latest offer, to receive a $50 credit on repair costs over $795.

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