Dog Fence Repairs – Reston, VA

Are you in need of dog fence repair services in Reston, VA? Let’s face reality: Various acts of damage and destruction can happen; for instance, thunderstorms may hit one or two segments of your pet fencing. Also, just having your dog within the enclosures makes it entirely possible for the animal to engage in some damages.

With a professionally-repaired and restored containment system, you manage to give your pet a friendly room to run around, regardless of your backyard’s size. Remember, for your pet to be happy and make you fulfilled, it needs a free, safeguarded space to run, jump up and down, and play unrestrictedly.

You may also be forced to train your dog some discipline, to keep off the animal from climbing over the fence, digging and destroying the fence’s components.

The experts can also stop the animal from digging by:

  • Burying the fence underground for some inches
  • Placing in some concrete-made channel
  • Elevating your fence wall higher to discourage the dog from jumping –For example, we might add angle-steeled extensions that may be corded with wire.

Can I Handle the Fence Repairs on My Own?

Yes, You can. With probably some skills that you may have, alongside the appropriate hardware tools, you can go ahead and undertake the repairs on your own. Most DIY-ers might confidently advise you that all you may need are some wires and other simple tools, and you’re good to tackle the job alone. Consequently, you may be entirely devoted to doing the fence repairs yourself; but do you know that handling dog fence repairs in your Reston, VA home might turn out a demanding project than you may be willing to undertake on your own. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry since you do not have to tackle the repairs by yourself- this is where professionals such as Carter Fence contractors come in. Having been in the field of repairing and restoring fences for 33 years now, we work with the most skillful and highly-experienced personnel that always put smiles on our clients’ faces after working to their satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Dog Fence Repairs in Your Reston, VA Home

After we handle the job, you might realize that allowing the experts to rectify your fencing damages will always see your dog’s enclosures restored cost-effectively, for what may have probably cost you much to start over entirely. 

Is it your desire to also keep your dog off the gardens, flower beds, or other important spots? As we execute the repairs, part of our services is that; we can also create a ‘no go zone’ within your existing fencing system. The no go zones are usually areas generated inside other sites, purposely to keep your pet from damaging or peeing on your precious vegetation, flowers, or shrubs.

After the full repair, you should train your dog and discourage it from climbing over the fencing, or digging beneath them. Consistent training can help the animal to learn and obey. 

Talk to Carter Fence- Save Costs through Your Fence Repairs

We are committed to assess your fencing system and locate every problem that calls for repair; it does not matter who installed the fence. Our purpose is to secure your investment and offer maximum safety for your pet.

Apart from giving you on-site project consultations, recommendations, and free estimates, we can as well make you fulfilled by helping you save on costs.

We are the experts of the job; having been recommended by the top consumer magazine in Washington, with 8 consistent years of an A+ rating by Angie’s, you can always rely on our expertise.

Call us today and let our professional team help you save huge on your dog fence repair project in Reston, VA!

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