Estate Fence Repair in Arlington, VA

Investing in a high-quality fence is a good idea because you can get long-term usage out of it. You undoubtedly want one that provides functionality without costing a lot of money in maintenance and repairs. Due to exposure to the many elements, fences may rot, rust, warp, splinter, or even stain. When choosing your fence, it helps to know when you may need estate fence repair in Arlington, VA. 

 Why Your Fence Type Determines the Estate Fence Repair in Arlington, VA

The type of fence determines maintenance and repair. At Carter Fence, we receive many queries about fences. Most of the clients are concerned about how much maintenance they would need depending on the type of fence. Others also want to know the kind of repairs they may need to do to get long-term usage out of them.

You may have to note the following:

  •       Wood fences are popular, attractive, and allow for different designs. They may, however, rust, rot, splinter, or warp. You also need to watch out for pest infestation, mildew, moss, and algae. Repair work may include total replacement of some of the parts. We also recommend staining and reapplying the protective coatings to avoid further issues. 
  •       Aluminum fences are attractive, and keeping up with the painting helps avoid corrosion.
  •       PVC or vinyl fences are cost-effective and durable. You must keep up with the washing to avoid staining from mildew, moss, and algae.
  •       Wrought iron fences are durable, strong, and very attractive. You must, like the case of aluminum fences, avoid exposing the matter to the elements. Sanding and repainting are critical maintenance steps, which you may need to, take every 2 or 3 years.
  •       Chain link fences are inexpensive and durable. While they do not offer too much privacy, they are fantastic for staying away from unwanted guests and keeping in the pets and kids. Regular inspection is critical to detect signs of corrosion. If anything heavy like a tree falls on the chain-link fence, it may come down, and you may need to replace that specific section. 
  •       Electric fences offer a lot in terms of security. You must, however, carry out regular inspections, and check for stapling problems, corrosion, power insulation, and bad connections. Without a doubt, electric fences require a bit more maintenance. You must be careful about taking on repair works if you do not have the experience. 

Let Carter Fence Handle the Fence Work for You

The advantage of a good estate fence repair in Arlington, VA, is that you get years of service out of it. However, it requires that you take good care of it and carry out repair work immediately you notice any issues. 

We have installed and repaired a wide array of fences for over 33 years. Therefore, we have high expertise in fence installation, maintenance, and repair. 

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