Estate Fence Repair in Vienna, VA

You may have invested in a fence for your property because you understand its value. It helps protect your property and family while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your home. It is also a way to improve the value of your property. Over time, and due to the normal wear and tear, you may need estate fence repair in Vienna, VA. At Carter Fence, some of the typical repair works arise due to specific issues. So what are they?

 Problems Requiring Estate Fence Repair in Vienna, VA

Specific issues may require repairs immediately you notice them. They might include:

  • Rust and Rotting

Corrosion and rusting occur due to moisture and sunlight. Wood and metal fences require specific care so that you do not have to deal with such issues. We advise on high-quality material that is water-resistant and, most importantly, durable. You must also undertake some maintenance, such as cleaning the fence to avoid dirt build-up. 

  • Missing Parts

Missing slates or pickets require replacement. Slats may fall off due to strong winds or loose fastening. In corrosion cases, you may have to deal with gaps or holes that can compromise your fence’s overall integrity.

  • Sagging Gates

Gate sagging may be due to deformation of individual parts. It may also occur when the post starts to shift or tilt due to different reasons. The earth may shift due to the freezing and thawing that occurs during winter. If the installation company did not pay attention to the ground’s stability before putting up your fence, it might even give you problems later on.  

Your gate is crucial for security and keeping out unwanted guests, such as animals. You don’t want your pet finding access routes to the outside due to possible gaps in the gate. You, therefore need to let the professionals do a thorough inspection and then recommend the best repair work. You may require replacing the hinges or anchoring the posts to avoid further sagging.

  • Staining

Staining makes your fence unsightly, impacting the aesthetic appeal. Stains are incredibly unattractive on wood fences and may be challenging to get rid of once they set in. If you have a metal fence, washing the fence may keep the stains away. 

  • Warping

Warping may cause your fence to sag, twist, or bend. If you notice such signs, call in the professionals for estate fence repair in Vienna, VA, for an immediate inspection of the severity of the problem.

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