Fence Maintenance in Herndon, Virginia

Did you know that similar to decks, fences also need to be maintained? If you neglect your fence, the wood can rot and the metal can rust. Taking the time to perform routine maintenance on your fence is imperative to its longevity. The fence experts here at Carter Fence know how important it is to maintain your fence; we’ve seen too many fences that have been left to rot because people neglect to take care of their investment. We can help you maintain your fence and repair fencing systems that need extra TLC.

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Basic Fence Maintenance

Fence maintenance can seem time-consuming, but it all depends on the type of fence you have. Basic fence maintenance is as follows:

Wood fencing – Natural wood typically requires more maintenance because it runs a higher risk of being damaged. During fall and winter months in Herndon, it is important to keep debris, especially leaves, off of your wood fence. Wet leaves and debris can cause your fence to warp and rot through the winter. You can also stain or weatherproof your wood fence to maintain its condition year round.

Vinyl fencing – Vinyl fencing requires the least amount of maintenance of all the fencing materials that Carter Fence provides. Vinyl is very durable, which means it never needs to be sanded or repainted. To maintain your vinyl fence, the best thing you can do is routinely wash it with soap and water. Routine maintenance will not only help keep your vinyl fence looking great, but it will also help make it last longer.

Aluminum fencingAluminum fencing also requires very little maintenance. However, we suggest not hanging heavy decorations on them, and, as always, keep your fence free of leaves and debris.

Chain link fencing – It is important to keep leaves and other yard debris off and away from your chain linked fence. Debris can become lodged in your chain link fence, which can cause rust. If this happens, the professionals at Carter Fence can easily repair parts of your fence.

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Each different type of fencing has a different need when it comes to maintenance. Certain fencing materials may need more maintenance and repair, while others may find they never need to repair their fence. To determine which fencing material is best suited for your Herndon home and lifestyle contact Carter Fence online or call today at 703-255-0824.

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