Fence Post Repairs in Arlington, VA

Do you have an older fence on your property that’s beginning to show its age by sagging in places?  The most common reason for that is damage to one or more of the fence posts, which is compromising the structural integrity of the fence as a whole.

When home owners see that, the handiest among them and those with DIY tendencies start thinking in terms of replacing the post.  That may be necessary but it also may be possible to repair the post in question, which is a much easier and less time consuming option.

Nobody knows more about fence post repairs in Arlington, VA than we do, and we’d love to take a look at the problem for you and give you our professional assessment and opinion.  Here’s a good rule of thumb where wooden fences are concerned.

If the post in question is less than 30% compromised, in most cases it can be saved.  There aren’t any reliable rules of thumb like that if your fence is made of vinyl or some type of composite material and in those cases, a visual inspection is the only way to know for sure.  In many cases though, we’ll be able to conduct fence post repairs on your Arlington, VA property for a fraction of what it would cost you to have a new post installed.

Either way, that process starts with an inspection and whatever we find, we’ll give you a full report along with a free, no obligation estimate so you’ll know exactly what it will take to get your trusty fence back in good working order and put the problem behind you once and for all.

Of course, conducting fence post repairs in Arlington, VA is only a small part of what we do, and many of our customers use the fact of a damaged fence as an opportunity to upgrade, either opting for a brand new fence of a similar nature but perhaps made from a more durable composite material, or opting for something totally custom.

If you’ve been dreaming about having a totally unique custom fence installed, we can help with that.  Over the years, we’ve built scores of custom fences all over the area and we’ve got tons of pictures on our website which will give you an opportunity to see the quality of our workmanship for yourself.

A custom fence is a much bigger project than most people realize, however, so before we actually begin the build, we’ll need to sit down with you to capture your vision.  The more details we can get from you about what you want the finished product to look like, the happier you’ll be with the results.

As before, we’ll provide you with a free estimate before any work begins and assuming you’re comfortable with it, the fence you’ve always wanted will be a reality not long after that!  Call us today and let’s build something amazing together.

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