Gate Hinge Repair in Falls Church, VA, for Sagging Gates

If you have gates or fences in your property, they will need occasional repairs to keep them working in perfect condition. This is because they receive heavy wear and tear from frequent usage. You will come across many issues with the functioning of your gate as gravity continuously pulls it downward. Gravity causes extra stress to the gate hinges and forces the gate posts to lean over.

When compared to other types of gates, metal gates do an excellent job of resisting gravity as they are either bolted or welded together. However, once a metal gate post begins to lean, the gate will shift downward, and it will not open and close properly. This is when you will require a professional gate repairing service like Carter Fence for your gate hinge repair in Falls Church, VA.  

The main reason behind a sagging gate is the loosening of bolts and screws that hold the gate hinges in place. This will cause the gate to fall out of the square due to its weight. Sometimes, gate posts lean also because of the bottom part of the gate, which meets the ground rots. This will, in turn, lead the gate to swing in a bouncy motion, and you may require to call a professional gate service people to fix this problem. 

If loose hinges on your gate are the only issue you have to deal with, it is a relatively easy job. On the other hand, if your gate posts are leaning over, we will have to dig up the post and concrete to reinstall a new post. This is more time consuming and costly repair work to do. You also have the option of fixing the problem temporarily by bracing or shimming it. However, this won’t last long, and so it is not recommended. It is better to have a permanent solution to the problem than a temporary fix as a permanent solution will always prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. 

At Carter Fence, we believe in keeping things transparent. So, we will personally come to your home if you are interested in hiring us. Once there, we will have a proper inspection of your gate, and after getting a good idea about the nature and depth of the repair work you have, we will give you an estimate for the job. We assure you to include all the necessary details in our estimate, including material cost and time frame of the project, among others. We can guarantee that our estimates do not have any hidden charges. So, if you are facing a gate hinge repair in Falls Church, VA, and is looking for a professional gate repair people, call the team at Carter Fence. We will be happy to help you.

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