How to Repair Farm Fences in Arlington, VA? 

Having a farm in Arlington, VA, is, undoubtedly, a full-time job. This is because, being a farm owner in Arlington, VA, you not only have to water and feed all your farm animals but also mend barns or shelters. In addition to that, you also have to take care of other household tasks. Amid all these responsibilities, it quite natural to forget that wire fence repair you have been postponing for long. However, keep in mind that a damaged and neglected fence can add to your list of troubles sooner or later.

Damaged farm fences in Arlington, VA, can put you in trouble in various ways. For example, you may have to roundup up your herd off your neighbor’s property off the highway if your farm fence is not functioning properly. If you want to avoid such difficult situations, we recommend you do the fence repair as soon as possible once you have spotted the damage. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences of keeping it unrepaired.

For example, a damaged fence may hurt your animals, and as the animals are free without a properly functioning fence, they may run into someone else’s property and cause damages to it. This is not something you want to deal with when you have so many other responsibilities as a farm owner. So, always make sure you carry out your farm fence repairs as per schedule so that your animals have a safe and secure fenced-in area to live.

Keep in mind that livestock can be extremely hard on your wire fences, and it won’t take much effort from their side to make that small hole in your fence into a bigger one. This is why we recommend you do the staking down and re-stretching of your fence periodically. Doing so will ensure that your fence remains sturdy and keeps your livestock safely contained inside.

Now, here is a list of necessary tools you will need for your wire fence repairs.  

  • Tin snips or wire cutters 
  • Solid fence stretcher
  • A big screwdriver
  • Quality pliers and bolt cutters
  • Gloves

Apart from these, you may also need to purchase wires and fence staples from your local farm supply store or home improvement store unless you already have them. Another tool you might need is a hammer/plier combination that will help remove old staples or nails from your fence and twist and tight the fence wires.

If you are not much of a do-it-yourself guy and are not good with tools, we would recommend hiring a professional fence repair people such as Carter Fence for repairing your farm fences in Arlington, VA. Give us a call, and we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation regarding your fencing needs. 

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