How to Repair Farm Fences in Mclean, VA

Having your own farm in Mclean, VA, is a job with a lot of responsibility. While feeding the animals, mending shelters or barns, and taking care of other household tasks, secure the top positions on your daily to-do list, don’t keep tasks like fixing a wire fence in Mclean, VA, for later unless you want to take charge of rounding up the herd from a neighbor’s property or the highway. 

Fences generally exist for a purpose, and that is to keep something out or in. Most times, it is all about livestock. For safety and security purposes, you’d want a strong farm fence that will protect the livestock and prevent animals from straying on your farm and bringing harm. While rules related to fencing, owner liability, and so on vary from one state and country to another, you might be held liable if the livestock goes off your property and, worse, cause an injury to somebody else.

Fallen tree branches can do damage to wire farm fences in Mclean, VA. Fence splits can be prevented by merely cleaning out debris that possibly could fall on the farm fence. Undoubtedly, sooner or later, you will entail farm fence splits at your farm in Mclean, VA, which will require wire fence repairs.

Ongoing maintenance for farm fences in Mclean, VA

Farm Wire fences tend to loosen with temperature and weather changes over time naturally. You have to inspect them almost daily to make sure that the tension is right. Regardless of the type of wire fence you have chosen, check the post assemblies for maintenance issues from time-to-time. Use proper and adequate herbicides to clear up weeds from your fences. If herbicides are not suitable, you will have to do the task manually.

For wire fences, this may involve tightening wires so that they do not sag. For board fences, check that all boards are attached to their posts. If any seem weaker, repair them early to lessen the probability of livestock damage.

Most farm fences have been on the property over generations and need either repair or replacement with time. Most of you will have one question on your mind: How do I know that I need to replace the farm fence instead of repairing them? While there is no concrete criterion, considering these questions and seeking expert opinion will help you stay ahead of time.

If you do not feel like tackling wire fence repairs that are needed around your Mclean, VA farm by yourself, call the team from Carter Fence for a consultation regarding all your fencing requirements. All you need to do is schedule a call, and our farm fencing experts will take it ahead from there. We will even provide a free quote.

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