Ornamental Fence Repair In Alexandria, VA

Ornamental fences are certainly pretty, which makes them fantastic additions to most any property.  Unfortunately, just like every other type of fence you could have installed, they’re subject to the ravages of time, accidents and other mishaps.  The day will inevitably come when you find yourself in need of ornamental fence repair on your Alexandria, VA property.

If you’re a reasonably experienced do it yourselfer, you can handle most fence repair jobs on your own, but there’s a catch.  Even a moderately damaged fence represents a much bigger and more time-consuming project than most people realize going in, and it almost always involves a lot of backbreaking work.  As long as you’re good with those facts, you can handle most jobs, but ornamental fencing is different and presents several unique challenges.

It’s almost always more ornate than other types of fencing, and unless you have an artistic flair, you may run into problems.  Often, this is driven by the fact that the fencing in question may have been a custom job and you’ve lost track of who the original craftsman was.  

In other cases, the ornamental fencing is some type of stock product that was popular several years ago, but is no longer being produced, which makes materials matching virtually impossible.  Either way, in most cases, even an experienced DIYer will call in the cavalry.

If you decide you want help with the project, you’re in luck.  As the area’s premier decking, fence and porch company, nobody can match the skill of our craftsmen when it comes to ornamental fence repair in Alexandria, VA.  Just give us a call and we’ll send one of our experienced estimators out to survey and assess the damage.

Whatever we find, we’ll give you a full report, our professional recommendation and a free estimate so you’ll know exactly what it will take to get the fence either repaired or replaced, in cases where replacement makes the most sense economically.

If you’d like to take the opportunity to upgrade, rather than repair your existing fence, we’re happy to work with you to build something totally custom.  That’s a significantly bigger and more involved project than ornamental fence repair on your Alexandria, VA property, and we’ll need to work closely with you to be sure we completely capture your vision so we build exactly what you want.

If you know you want something custom but you’re having trouble seeing the particulars, we encourage you to spend some time browsing the extensive collection of photographs we keep elsewhere on the site.  Taking the time to do so will give you the opportunity to see the quality of our work for yourself, and is sure to give you plenty of great ideas for your own project. When you’re ready to begin, just give our office a call.

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