Should You Replace or Have a Wooden Fence Repair in Great Falls, VA?

Wooden fences are a great addition to any property in Great Falls, VA. These fences can add security, privacy, and value to your property. A wooden fence on Great Falls, VA properties gives off a rustic look to improve your home’s appearance. However, no wood last forever and eventually your fence will need a wooden fence repair.

Properly maintaining your fence regularly with power washing and restaining or painting your wooden fence can preserve the wood and help to keep it looking new. Even so, sometimes you may notice rotting, warping, or a sagging fence that will need some sort of wooden fence repair at your home in Great Falls, VA.  

A broken down fence can be an eyesore to your neighborhood in Great Falls, VA when you don’t properly maintain nor do the necessary wooden fence repairs. Besides from being an eyesore, once your fence gets in a complete dismal condition, it may no longer serve its function such as securing small children and pets inside the fenced-in, contained area or providing privacy for family get-togethers.

Wooden fence repairs should be done as soon as you notice the problem. Letting repairs go can lead to a total collapse of a much larger part of your wooden fence.

When to Replace a Wooden Fence?

  • If your wooden fence in Great Falls, VA has been neglected for a long time and has sustained quite a bit of damage, you might want to get a quote from your local fencing company such Carter Fence for both the wooden fence repairs and an entirely new fence.
  • Fences that have been damaged severely by termites or other insects.
  • Accidents such as a vehicle running into your fence or a tree falling onto your fence.
  • An aging fence that will need to be replaced sooner than later.

Sometimes only parts of your fence will need to be replaced. However, whatever the case may be, remember your fence is the first impression most people see of your Great Falls, VA home. By suitably maintaining your wooden fence, you can cut down on future wooden fence repairs from being costly. This will also give your neighborhood in Great Falls, VA a better appearance.

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