Wood Fence Repair Alexandria, VA

In Alexandria, VA, doing wood fence repair as soon as you notice a problem is the best way to save money on this big part of your home’s exterior. Everyone sees your fence, whether they are just walking by or they live in the neighborhood. It’s impossible to hide a gate that sags, cracks in the wood and moss growing on posts. When you don’t maintain your fence, it gives your entire property an uncared-for look and lessens its value.

Wood is a durable material, which makes it so popular for building fences. But even sturdy wood fences can develop problems over time, including:

  • Moss and mildew growing on the wood
  • Loose locks and screws
  • Boards that aren’t flush with the posts
  • Cracks and holes
  • Gates and posts that are sagging

As a homeowner, you need to stay on top of fence maintenance if you want to save money, keep it functional for years to come, and have it look attractive. The team here at Carter Fence suggests that you do a regular inspection of your fence once each season, as well as after every wind, rain or snowstorm. Look for holes, cracks and loose boards. Make sure screws are tight. Check for signs of sagging, especially at gates and posts. Do you notice moss or mildew? It needs to be removed as quickly as possible, before it damages the wood.

Either fix it yourself or give us a call. Beside fence installation, we handle repair and maintenance work. Our crew has the experience to diagnose all types of fence problems, and fix them properly. When you call us to work on your fence, you know the job will be done quickly and professionally. We save you time and effort, and the repairs are done to the highest standards. When you call us to do your wood fence repair in Alexandria, VA, you can spend your weekends enjoying fun with the family.

If you like handyman chores, we suggest that you scrub your fence annually. This gets rid of grime and mold and mildew, and makes it look nice too! Then every other year, apply a stain or sealant on the wood. This helps keep out pests and moisture. Simple steps like these, done consistently, will add years to the life of your fence. And that saves you real money over the cost of replacement.

We’re proud that Carter Fence has been serving the local community since 1986. That’s more than 3 decades of helping families just like yours keep their fences in top condition. We handle wood, vinyl and metal fences, and also build decks and install awnings.

Call Carter Fence today for a free, no-obligation quote for wood fence repair in Alexandria, VA.

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