Wood Fence Repairs In Tysons Corner Va

Fences come in an almost unbelievable number of shapes and sizes, depending on you their owners plan to use them for.  Depending on where you go and where you look, you’ll see decorative fences around flower beds, to fancy wrought iron fences surrounding secret gardens, to high, imposing privacy fences, to simple pasture enclosures and everything in between.

Many, if not most of the fences you’ll find in this area are made of wood, but of course, they can be made out of just about any material, and whatever they’re made of, they tend to be as durable as they are beautiful.

No matter how durable they are though, sooner or later, everything breaks.  Everything needs a bit of TLC, and when that happens to your trusty fence, there’s just one company to call.  Nobody is better, or more experienced when it comes to wood fence repairs in Tysons Corner, Va than we are!

In most cases, we’ll be able to repair your fence and closely match your original materials, restoring it to like new condition for a fraction of what it would cost to have it torn down and put something new in its place.

In those rare instances where the damage is too extensive, or it’s impossible to match your existing fence, we’ll be quick to let you know and give you a professional recommendation where next steps are concerned.

If you don’t yet have a fence but you know you want one, we’ve got you covered there too, because in addition to wood fence repairs in Tysons Corner, Va, we also install new fencing.  

If you aren’t sure what you want, we can sit down with you and discuss your needs so we can point you in the direction of some off the shelf options that might be a good fit for you, or, if you’d rather have something totally custom, we can do that too!

That’s one of the advantages of working with a locally owned and operated company.  Since we’re not a national chain, we’re not limited in what we can do by some far-off corporate office, which means we’ve got virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to working with you to give you exactly what you want.

Of course, we do a lot more than simple wood fence repairs in Tysons Corner, Va and new fence installations.  If you’ve got a deck that needs some TLC, we’ll be more than happy to restore it to like new condition for you as well, or build you the custom deck of your dreams if you don’t have one yet.

In either case, help is just a phone call away.  Call us today and experience the Carter difference for yourself.

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