How to Determine Your Fence Cost in Arlington, VA?

So you have the idea that you would like to put up a fence around your Arlington, VA property. Having a hard time getting started? Wondering if you can feasibly afford a new fence?

First, you will need to decide the purpose of your fence. Do you have small children or pets that you need a closed area for them to play? Do you have livestock? Do you just want a small backyard enclosed or do you want your entire property boundaries surrounded by your new fence? These are questions you will need to answer and will undoubtedly play a significant role in your fence cost for your Arlington, VA home.

Next, you will need to confirm your property line in Arlington, VA. Building on your neighbor’s property will cost you the original build, teardown, and to rebuild if you mess up. Next, measure the perimeter area of your property that you wish to fence in. Obstructions such as trees, slopes, and contours in the terrain of your property, and underground utilities will need to be taken into consideration for the measurements for your new fence in Arlington, VA.

Budgeting for the cost of a new fence for your home in Arlington, VA will be determined by the following factors—

Fence Material Cost

Wood fencing costs depend on the type of wood you choose. Pressure treated pine will cost a whole lot less than western red cedar. Other types of wood you might consider are douglas fir, eucalyptus, spruce, and oak; all come with a different price tag.

Other choices of fencing materials in Arlington, VA include vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, and chain-link fencing, The style of fence you choose will also determine the fence cost.

Size of Area to be Fenced

The size of the area you want to fence in at your home in Arlington, VA will be a big determining factor in your selection of materials. Your materials will be your biggest cost. The more area you fence in, the higher your fence cost will be for materials and also in labor.

Height of Fence

The higher your fence, the higher your fence cost. This only makes sense; naturally, more fencing materials will be needed, and longer labor hours to construct the fence, raising your fence cost.

When all this sound too overwhelming, just call Carter Fence, and they will be glad to help you in your material decisions, your layout plan, getting permits, and the installation and cleanup process for your Arlington, VA home.

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