How to Look for a Good Fence Builder in Lyon Park, VA

It’s not very often that you build a fence, so when you do, you need to find a good fence builder so that your fence will not only look great at your Lyon Park, VA property but will last you for years to come. Knowing what to look for in a fence builder will protect you from paying more and getting less. A good fence builder should leave you with a well-built fence that will add value to your Lyon Park, VA home.

Several things you should look at thoroughly when hiring a fence builder at your home in Lyon Park, VA—

Protection for Homeowners

You will want to make sure that the fence builder is covered including—

  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Safety Procedures


  • You will want to inquire about how long the fence builder has been in business?
  • Ask about the different materials they work with and how much experience they have with each material such as wood, chain link, vinyl, steel, and aluminum. They may have a specialty preference for a particular fencing material.
  • Ask to see pictures of their work and for references that you may call to verify their work ethics and professionalism in their field of work.


  • Do they offer free estimates?


  • Does the fence builder answer his phone?
  • Does he ask you the purpose for your new fence?
  • Does he inquire about the type of materials and styles of fencing you are interested in installing at your home in Lyon Park, VA?
  • Are they willing to work with you on setting up appointments and ask that the homeowner be there for the appointment?
  • Are they punctual for the appointment?
  • Do they take into consideration your ideas and concerns?
  • Is the salesperson clean and personable?
  • Does the fence builder act professionally?

Undertaking the task of hiring a professional fence builder to install a fence on your property in Lyon Park, VA is complicated. Get at least three different quotes from different builders and compare each price. Most builders will get permits which will be built into their cost.

Always check with your HOA if you live in that type of neighborhood in Lyon Park, VA so that you will know precisely the type of fence, style, material, and height of the fence you can build. Some have stringent rules. A good Lyon Park, VA fence builder will know the questions to ask homeowners so you won’t be the only one asking questions.

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