How to Plan Your Alexandria Virginia Fence Installation

Are you thinking about installing a new fence in your Alexandria Virginia yard this year? At Carter Fence, we recommend using the following guidelines to make sure your fence is built the right way for years of beautiful service with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

1. Confirm local zoning ordinances and HOA community requirements. Fence height, placement, and sometimes materials are governed by these legal arrangements. For those homeowners considering fence installation in Alexandria, VA, are there any historic district considerations?

2. Mention your plans to your neighbors. Your Alexandria Virginia homes fence will become part of their landscape too, especially those neighbors who have adjacent properties. There may be a benefit for everyone to enjoy.

3. Take an accurate survey of your property lines any fence placement plan is chosen.

4. Before proceeding, get a professional opinion to determine if any engineering services will be required. As an example, will your fence also involve the addition of a patio at your Alexandria, VA or Northern VA home?

5. Make a schedule. Often, fence installations in Alexandria Virginia are planned in one quarter of the year, and installed in another. When you contact Carter Fence, we will give you a realistic timetable for your fence project completion.

6. Begin your drawing or contact a local professional firm like Carter Fence to create a drawing. Use accurate dimensions and object placement. Consider the purpose and style of your fence. Also, contact your local utility company to identify the exact location of any underground cables, pipes, and critical infrastructure. Remember, altering these systems may need approval from utility, neighborhood or local authorities.

7. Explore fencing materials and functions. Select those that fit your needs and compliment the surrounding environment. Determine appealing fence style options and materials to compliment your home style and landscape environment.

8. Decide on the style, material, and height for your fence installation. Northern, VA and Arlington, VA Carter Fence customers have a variety of material choices, including wood fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, and more upscale materials like brick, flagstone, and natural stone.

Whatever fence installation options you select for your Northern Virginia property, you will create the most beneficial addition, adding value, function, and aesthetic pleasure for decades to come. Your new Carter Fence will give you privacy, provide protection and peace of mind, and become a valuable addition to your Northern Virginia landscape.

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