Insect Infestations That Call For Wood Fence Repair in Reston, VA

The most common reasons for a wood fence repair result from severe weather such as snowstorms, ice storms, rainfall, heavy wind and salt air; damage from defacement or a vehicle, and infestation of insects. Generally, with proper installation, regular maintenance, and a few minor mendings, wooden fences in Reston, VA should last 7-12 years if the wood has not been treated, and for pressure treated wood, close to 30 years.

Because your fence is always outside in the elements, insect damage can call for wood fence repairs if the infestation gets out of hand on your property in Reston, VA.


Most homeowners only think of termites when it comes to insect damage. There are several types of termites you need to worry about when it comes to your fencing in Reston, VA. One type, dry wood termites, literally eat dry wood anywhere. Sometimes termite damage is hard to see because the outside of the wood is still intact. However, if you take a screwdriver and probe the area of the wooden fence that is infected, the wood crumbles and will leave sawdust behind. Not a very sturdy fence and certainly one that will need an immediate wood fence repair if termite damage is found at your Reston, VA property.

Carpenter Ants

Other insects that can do damage to your fence in Reston, VA are carpenter ants. Carpenter ants build huge nests within the boards of your fence. If you notice piles of wood shavings near a fence post, you may have an infestation of carpenter ants and holes in your fence. A wood fence repair will involve removing all rotten wood and replacing with new posts or slats.

Powder Post Beetles

Powder post beetles bore holes into your wooden fencing and lay their eggs and then feed on the wood below the surface once their larvae hatch. If infested with powder post beetles in Reston, VA, you should see a fine powder near the nests. These insects prefer untreated wood so be sure pressure treated lumber is used in all wood fence repairs for your fence.

Watching for these insects that do the most damage can save you time and money on wood fence repairs in Reston, VA. You can treat insect-infested wood fences with insecticides such as Bora-Chem and also creosote which is a compound which is made from the distillation of coal tar.

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