Insurance on Commercial Fence Repair in McLean, VA

Anytime you have a fence on your commercial property in McLean, VA, at some point in time, you may be faced with some type of commercial fence repair due to—

  • A fallen tree
  • Wind or severe storm
  • A vehicle hitting the fence or gate
  • Intruders cutting the fence to gain access to the area to steal materials or do physical damage to destroy property.

Depending on the amount of damage, business owners should check with their insurance company to see what their policy covers and the deductible. If an insurance claim is filed, the business owner will usually be asked for three separate estimates on commercial fence repair from a McLean, VA fence contractor. If the damage is minimal, you might not want to involve your insurance company. The deductible may not be met for the cost of the commercial fence repair for your McLean, VA business. Check with your insurance company first about your deductible before filing a claim.

Vandalism Fence Damage

  • Commercial fence repairs in McLean, VA that are due to vandalism to a fence may not require you to call your insurance company unless other property was stolen or damaged and then the fence can be added to the claim.

Vehicle Fence Damage

  • The most common reason a business might need commercial fence repairs are vehicles driving into the fence and gates when leaving and entering the business property. When this happens for McLean, VA businesses, try and get the insurance information from the driver that did the damage. Their insurance should pay for all commercial fence repairs that are needed to fix your fence. Of course, this only happens when you catch the people who caused the damage.
  • If there are no witnesses to the accident and you are unable to locate the person responsible for the fence damage, you would then need to file a claim with your McLean, VA business’s insurance company.

The team at Carter Fence can come to your McLean, VA business site and give you a free estimate for all your commercial fence repairs. Call them today and set up an appointment for all your fencing needs.

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