Keeping Up With Fence Repairs in Leesburg, VA

Anytime you have a fence installed on your property in Leesburg, VA, eventually, you will need certain fence repairs to keep your fence looking good and functional. Losing your fence’s curb appeal can be an eyesore to the rest of your neighborhood, losing its function could result in a pet getting lose from your yard. You don’t want either result. Always keep up with any fence repairs that need to be done at your home in Leesburg, VA.

There are common fence repairs most Leesburg, VA homeowners at one time will experience over the fence’s lifetime including—

  • Sagging Gates—It’s inevitable, eventually most all fence gates sag, especially a well-used one. The back and forth motion will wear out the hinges, and if it’s kept locked, that too could wear out. However, hardware fence repairs are something that most Leesburg, VA homeowners can do on their own.
  • Leaning Posts—Changes in the ground underneath the fence posts due to weather can cause your posts to warp, lean, or rot. Fence repairs should be done as soon as possible to any leaning posts as they are the life support of the fence boards or panels. Once they start to lean, so does your fence.
  • Warped Sections—Choosing a high-quality fencing material and having a Leesburg, VA, professional fence installer do the fence installation can prevent your fence from sagging, twisting, or bending. Often time, this happens when you have a bad installation. It can also happen from neglecting to maintain your fence in Leesburg, VA over the years too.

Keeping up with fence repairs and regularly washing your fence will help to protect your initial investment for your fence at your Leesburg, VA home. Depending on the fencing material, you may have to repaint or restain your fence every couple of years; otherwise, if you have a wood fence, it will turn gray on you and start to look old and rustic. Some like that look, but your fence won’t last as long.

If you have any questions about how to maintain your fence, call the team at Carter Fence.

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