Manassas, VA Outdoor Fencing

For homes around Manassas VA, outdoor fencing is the final piece of a beautiful home puzzle. Carter Fence provides a wide variety of fencing to customers throughout Virginia and the Beltway in many options for the type of material and color.

Wood is not just traditional; it is still the most requested material from our customers. Over thirty years has taught us that pine and cedar are the best woods to use in our area and we offer both with pressure treatment to extend their life and appearance for each home. Wood also takes color very easily, so it is usually simple for us to match the color of a privacy fence to a home.

It does require more periodic maintenance though. Each year, a homeowner needs to examine or have us examine the fence for weathering, which means additional sanding, staining, and painting to keep the fence in good shape.

A tough yet attractive option for Manassas VA outdoor fencing is vinyl. Since it can be shaped and cut, vinyl is useful for rail and privacy fences and works very well to surround a pool. It does not rust or rot from the weather and cleaning it often takes no more than a few minutes with a power washer.

An exceptional choice for security fencing is aluminum. When painted black or dull silver, it gives the same appearance as a wrought-iron fence. It resists weather much better than iron since it does not rust or corrode. That makes aluminum a low maintenance material for homeowners or a servicing company.

Composite materials are more durable than natural wood, but many of them are expensive and offer little except a slightly longer life surrounding homes and yards. The composite we use is Trex. It is low-maintenance, cost-efficient, and more eco-friendly than many others. Trex mimics the appearance of natural wood while providing more resistance to damage from weather. Once we install it as a split rail or pasture fence, you do not need to call us back for painting ever.

Adding a deck compliments Manassas VA outdoor fencing. Both composites and natural wood are excellent choices for this type of structure. Carter Fence has built free-standing patio and platform decks for almost three decades in our area. To ensure a uniform appearance, we recommend installing both at the same time using the same material.

Recently, the next generation of the Carter family joined the company. These young men have joined Mike and Stuart, along with our founder, ‘Grandpa’ Oliver Carter to see the business through its fourth decade and beyond.

In the last three decades, we have used customer satisfaction to determine not just our reputation, but our success as well. We have built our business on word of mouth and continue the tradition with an A+ rating on Angie’s List for eight years in a row now. If you want to know what Carter Fence can do for your home; contact us at 703-255-0824 today for a free estimate.

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