Misleading Fears about Vinyl Fences in Northern, VA

Are your Northern, VA neighborhood’s vinyl fences still standing firm and still look appealing to your eyes? Many homeowners are still unaware that vinyl fences are products that have become the alternative to decaying wood of typical wooden fences or ugly rusting on metal fences. Vinyl fences are becoming more and more popular in the Northern, VA area because of its long-term resilience and its structural reliability.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the base ingredient of vinyl fencing along with homopolymer compound that has an elevated level of Titanium Dioxide pigment for long-term resistance to UV (ultraviolet) light and impacts modifiers for superior strength. The formulation used in vinyl fences are similar to that of vinyl siding and windows which are incredibly durable and last for a lifetime with a little TLC.

The great thing about vinyl fencing for homes in Northern, VA is that it takes very little to maintain. A good soapy scrub every so often to remove dirt and your fence will look new again. Of course, some things are inevitable. If a branch falls onto your vinyl fence or a car backs into it, it will need repairs, but most vinyl fences will last your lifetime.

Still have concerns? I am sure in the past you might have heard from folks in Northern, VA about issues with vinyl fencing that are making you a little skeptical. Some of these misleading fears include—

Yellowing After Time—Titanium dioxide (T102) that is in today’s quality vinyl fencing prevents ultraviolet degradation. Most vinyl companies offer a 20-year warranty against yellowing and discoloring.

Breaking in Hot or Cold Elements—Most plastics are less flexible in colder extreme weather, but unless your vinyl fencing would take a hard impact, it will not break. Quality vinyl fences are engineered to handle changing extreme weather conditions, allowing your fencing to expand and contract during the changes in temperatures that you endure in Northern, VA.

Vinyl fences for homes in Northern, VA are more cost-effective. This type of fencing will better serve you over the years to come. The upfront cost may be a little more than a typical wood fence, but considering year after year the added care you have to give to a wooden fence, the cost of that added care, and possibly having to replace it later because wood is so susceptible to wood rot and insect infestation, you can’t go wrong with a new vinyl fence at your Northern, VA home.  

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