Neighborly Etiquette: Fences in Fairfax VA

There is a neighborly etiquette for building and maintaining fences in Fairfax VA. While some HOAs largely govern the process, many homeowners are on their own to figure out the best way to handle getting a fence built, without causing hard feelings – or outright hostility – between neighbors. Here some thoughts on fence etiquette:

  • Begin discussing your upcoming fence before the plans are finalized. In some cases you may need your neighbor to sign off on the plans before they are approved by the HOA, city or county. Also, by engaging your neighbors, you can ensure that you are not building any part of your fence on their property. (To be safe, have your fence installed 1-2 feet inside of your property line.)
  • Don’t expect your neighbor to chip in for the fence. Unless you both agree to undertake the fence building (and have a contract saying so) don’t expect your neighbor to chip in on the fence. If building a fence was your idea, you should be the one paying for it, even if it benefits your neighbors, too.
  • Pick a classic design that matches the aesthetic of your neighborhood, if you and your neighbor go in on having a fence built.That way, you’ll both be happy, and when one of you sells your home, they’ll be a greater return on investment.
  • Unless both sides are identical, the unfinished or less attractive side of the fence should face inwards towards your home.
  • Maintain both sides of your fence; if you think that your neighbor won’t allow it, pick a fence that requires very little maintenance, like vinyl or aluminum.

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