Oakton, VA Outdoor Fencing

For Oakton VA homes, outdoor fencing can be as important as the house itself. Carter Fence provides an extensive variety of options to each of our customers when it comes to color and type of material. Regardless if it is a privacy or a pasture fence, we can design and install it.

Natural wood remains the most popular material for a fence. Nothing else feels like and depending on the fence type; it is very cost-efficient and easy to replace. For customers who live outside urban and suburban areas, it is perfect for rail fences to provide a clear property line without disturbing the view of residents and visitors. It is our preferred material for pasture fences since the pressure-treated pine we use is readily available in case of a tornado or other storm damage.

Vinyl is a growing favorite for many types Oakton VA outdoor fencing; especially traditional picket fences and garden fences. Its popularity is in its versatility. The material is easy to shape into slats or rails, and it forms a gate that is lighter weight than wood and closes very easily. Vinyl stands up to weather without rotting and cleans easily with a garden hose and a high-pressure spray nozzle.

Composite woods are more durable than our pressure-treated pine or cedar, but that is often all they offer. A cheap composite does not look like wood and even after painting, still does not look appropriate. For customers who want a composite for their Oakton VA outdoor fencing, we offer a product called Trex. It is cost-efficient and one of the more eco-friendly products available. It simulates the appearance of wood so well that customers cannot tell the difference from even just a few feet away.

Aluminum is an excellent alternative for iron fencing. Manufacturers can shape it into the same forms as wrought-iron, and since it does not rust, it is not affected as badly as wrought-iron. After we have painted it black, the final product is indistinguishable from iron as a security fence or gate.

Outdoor entertaining is very popular in our area for a good reason. Spring and Summer evenings are perfect for family gatherings and parties of all sizes, so it makes sense that homeowners want to complement their Oakton VA outdoor fencing by adding a deck. Natural and composite woods are both excellent materials for a project like this.

Now at the start of our fourth decade in business, we are happy to have the third generation of Carters join us. Growing the business as we continue to grow our family is why we determine our success based on what our customers say about us. That is why we are thrilled to have an A+ rating from Angie’s List for the last eight years. If you are thinking about a new fence or another outdoor project for your home, contact Carter Fence today at 703-255-0824 for a free design meeting.

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