Ordinary Chain-link Fence Repair in Leesburg, VA

Chain-link fences are one of the most robust types of fences you can install in Leesburg, VA, but with that said, there will be a time when an ordinary chain-link fence repair will be necessary in one form or the other. It is still quite a popular choice for property owners because its ease in maintaining is reasonably straightforward.

To clean a chain-link fence, just a simple hosing down with a garden hose might be all you need. If it is filthy, using a pressure washer might be a better way to go about cleaning your fence. If the fence is not coated, you may have to use a wire brush to knock off the rust. You can also use spray paint that contains a rust converter. This can be quite time consuming so you might want to think about calling a fencing company in Leesburg, VA such as Carter Fence and they will come to your property and do any upkeep or chain-link fence repairs you are facing.

Ordinary chain-link fence repairs in Leesburg, VA might include—

  • Holes in Links are ordinary chain-link fence repairs that you will no doubt run into sooner than later. These types of fences in Leesburg, VA are susceptible to developing holes. You can just patch over the hole with a section of similar type links or wire mesh.
  • Snapped Links are quite common. Broken links are usually near the top of the fence or the poles, but can happen anywhere.
  • Sagging happens quite frequently because of loose posts. This is definitely a chain-link fence repair that you want to do as soon as possible; otherwise, it will just get that much worse if left unattended. Removing the posts and using concrete will establish a strong foundation.
  • Rails and Posts are commonly in need of chain-link fence repair in Leesburg, VA. Posts and rails are considered weak points and can be damaged quite easily. Often times, these will need to be repaired or replaced. Typically metal posts are relatively easy to remove and replace.

For all your fencing needs on your property in Leesburg, VA, call the team at Carter Fence. They will be glad to help.


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