Picket Fences in Leesburg, VA Are Still the American Dream

Even today, the American Dream to some is to still have a picket fence surrounding their homes in Leesburg, VA. Although picket fences are more for aesthetics and are generally used for cosmetic purposes, they have been around for longer than our country has. They started emerging during the colonial times as a mark of achievement and wealth and stayed after the United States departed from Great Britain. The colonists built them to keep chickens inside the yard and to protect their gardens.

The tradition of picket fences still today are quite popular in the Leesburg, VA area. So many of the older historic homes still have aluminum or wrought iron picket fences, and even the traditional white picket fence remains a favorite to the homeowners of Leesburg, VA.

The significant aspects of picket fences for homes in Leesburg, VA are that they come in all sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. If you want to follow the old tradition of picket fences, there is surely one to be found to match your taste and needs.

Even your traditional white picket fence is now available in either wood or vinyl fencing materials. The great feature about vinyl fencing is that you won’t have to keep painting it every couple of years like you would with a wooden picket fence. However, wooden picket fences can be painted the color of your choice to blend in with a particular color of your Leesburg, VA house or other landscaping sceneries around the home. Wood picket fences are available in budget-friendly pressure-treated pine to redwood. They can be stained or painted any color and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Picket fences have come a long way since the colonial days. Some of the styles of picket fences include—

  • Functional Spear—This particular shape sheds water because the tip is pointed like a spear. This is what is found around Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • Dog Ear
  • French Gothic
  • Flat Top

With a little bit of imagination, your picket fence in Leesburg, VA can stand out from the rest. Using two different heights for every other picket for a staggered look will save you money and increase your property’s profile.

You can fence in a small area to accommodate small children’s toys that are left outside. Using pointed pickets, paint each picket a different color to resemble crayons.

Picket fences can enhance any area of your yard. Call Carter Fence today and let them help you design one for your home in Leesburg, VA.

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