Practical Tips on Gate Installation for Homes in Leesburg, VA

If you are building a new fence with a gated opening at your Leesburg, VA home, it is best to put up the gate and posts first and then build your fence around the gate. If you are replacing a preexisting gate, make sure you measure accurately to get the size you need; otherwise, you will run into major problems. Also, think about which way your gate will swing open. Most gates swing into the property instead of swinging outside the property.

As with any project, there are practical tips that you should always follow. Think ahead before your gate installation at your home in Leesburg, VA. Do you want a single gate or double-hung gate? That would depend on what the gate will be used for. Are you just planning on a gate for people to come in and out of your fenced-in area? Are you going to be using your gate to bring in big items into your yard, such as a lawnmower? If you need a big opening, you will need a double-hung gate installation for your property in Leesburg, VA. Even if you don’t anticipate the need for a bigger opening, now is the time to go ahead with a double-hung gate installation instead of regretting it later when you definitely need the entrance to be bigger.

Larger posts for the gate installation at your home in Leesburg, VA are needed to properly secure your fence gate and should be secured in concrete. Specialized hinges and a locking system should be used to allow for smooth opening and closing, so your gate will not sag or drag on the ground. If your gate is next to your home or a building, never attach it directly to the house or building because this can cause expensive damage; whereas, a post can be easily replaced.

If you have any questions or would like a professional fence and gate installation for your home in Leesburg, VA, call the experts at Carter Fence. With over 30 years of experience, they are a family-owned fence contractor who has an excellent reputation for getting the job done right at a reasonable cost and offers great customer service.






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