Predicting Wooden Fence Repair for Springfield, VA Homeowners

Anyone who has a wooden fence can pretty much predict a future fence repair at their home in Springfield, VA. It’s the nature of the beast. Wood fencing is still a favorite among many of the homeowners who live in Springfield, VA. They don’t mind the added maintenance that is required so that their fence looks great at all times. The type of wood your fence is constructed of can often times predict your wooden fence repair.

A wooden fence is extremely vulnerable to nature’s weather elements and other nuisances such as insects.  Rotting and insect infestation can destroy a wooden fence quickly. If you experience this issue in Springfield, VA, a fence repair should be done only with the best rot-resistant lumber your budget will allow. Pressure-treated lumber is saturated with preservatives that make it last indefinitely even the posts in the ground.

It is usually just a matter of time in Springfield, VA that a wooden fence post will need a fence repair or often times even replaced. Wood fence posts rather built from treated or untreated lumber, installed in a concrete footer or directly into the ground naturally rot and become weakened. Some posts will break at the stress point and when that happens, the adjoining fence rails will start sagging. This fence repair at your Springfield, VA home usually will require you to replace the rotted post.

Wood fence gates are another predictable fence repair especially if the gate is used constantly. Gates tend to sag from the weather elements in Springfield, VA and the wear and tear of swinging them back and forth day in and day out. Once this happens, the latch bolt can become misaligned and the gate won’t latch. Sometimes the bottom of the gate will drag the ground. The hinges can loosen up or bend.  A fence repair may consist of either replacing the hinge with a heavier type, or if the screws pull loose, remove the hinge and plug the holes and then drill new holes and use longer screws or carriage bolts.

As with any fence on properties in Springfield, VA, you can almost predict certain fence repairs that your fence will need at one time or the other.

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