Protect Your Safety and Security with Metal Fence Repair in McLean, VA

Metals such as aluminum and wrought iron are incredibly durable, but even at that, the strongest metal fences get damaged and at some point will need metal fence repair. McLean, VA homes that have wrought iron fences will find that eventually, they will begin to see rust.

Aluminum fences won’t rust, but these fences are not as strong as wrought iron fences and are more easily damaged. Any metal fence repair at your home in McLean, VA should be done as soon as you notice the damage so that it still functions for your safety and security.  

If your metal fence is in disrepair, first determine the type of damage and the cost. Your metal fence repair at your McLean, VA home may only require a fresh coat of paint. Dirt and rust will need to be removed by rubbing down with stainless steel wire, power washed or sandblasted before painting, then washed down with a non-ionic detergent. After the wrought iron fence has completely dried, a rust protector should be applied and afterward an oil-based primer. Once this is done, an oil-based paint should be applied that is approved for metal. This prevents cracking or chipping.

If your fence has become warped or broken at your home in McLean, VA, your metal fence repair may consist of sawing off sections, and a new replacement section welded back onto your metal fence. If several sections require metal fence repair, you might consider replacing the entire fence. You would have to weigh the cost of repairs versus the cost of a new fence for your McLean, VA home.

Metal fence repair for aluminum fences in McLean, VA are somewhat easier to repair because the parts are screwed together instead of welded. If a fence post or crossbar needs replaced, simply unscrew and replace with a new part.

Broken or rusted metal fences are an invitation to intruders. Damaged fences are an eyesore to your community in McLean, VA and should be fixed as soon as possible. Call Carter Fence for all your metal fence repairs or any other issues you may have with your metal fence.

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