Quick Fix Vinyl Fence Repair for Properties in Northern, VA

Although vinyl fences are known for their resilience and durability and considered damage-resistant, they are not damage-proof. Storms in Northern, VA are known to bring down tree branches that can knock out a portion of your fence or tear a hole or crack the vinyl fencing causing the need for vinyl fence repairs. A vinyl fence repair at your home in Northern, VA could result from accidentally ramming into your fence with a lawnmower or a car or leaving gates open during a fierce storm that could cause damage from it swinging back and forth.

Whatever repair you might need, such as a hole or crack repair in the vinyl, these FAQs hopefully will answer some of your questions you have about quick fix vinyl fence repairs at your home in Northern, VA.

A vinyl fence repair can fix a small crack or hole in your vinyl fencing and is relatively simple to do for most Northern, VA homeowners. If the damage covers a larger area of your fence, you might want to replace just that section of your fence.

Prep work at your home in Northern, VA that is involved in preparing for your vinyl fence repair starts with a thorough cleaning of the area where the fence is damaged. Wash the fence down with water from a garden hose and household cleaner; use a brush if necessary. Rinse well. Any protruding or jagged edges, trim with a utility knife, and then sand gently about 3 inches around the crack or hole.

A crack or hole less than 1 ” to 1 ½” in diameter, can be repaired with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) glue. This is a type of adhesive that is manufactured especially for vinyl. However, you may want to use a solvent that actually melts the vinyl so you can fuse it back together. For bigger cracks, you can fill with expanding foam, let it dry, trim it to fit, and top with a plastic automotive body filler or urethane/epoxy resin. You can find the body filler at one of your local Northern, VA automotive body shops. Always finish up the vinyl fence repair by sanding the surface until it is smooth. Remove all the dust and then paint with spray paint.

Whereas some homeowners can perform these quick fix vinyl fence repairs easily, if you are not the do-it-yourselfer, call the team at Carter Fence. They will be more than glad to help you with any fence repair or new install that you are interested in for your home in Northern, VA.




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